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Biofeedback for Stress Management

Stress management training is conducted via use of relaxation methods, meditation training, and biofeedback techniques. Bio refers to biology or biological signs and symptoms that our bodies may experience under stress and anxiety.  Feedback refers to the signals our bodies give us under such conditions.

Biofeedback involves using specialized equipment, designed to measure  quantifiable bodily functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, sweat gland activity, and muscle tension, conveying the information (i.e. feedback) to the client in real-time. Real-time data raises awareness and conscious control of unconscious physiological activities.

By providing the user access to physiological information about which he or she is generally unaware, biofeedback allows users to gain control of physical processes previously considered an automatic response of the autonomous nervous system.
Interest in biofeedback, since its inception in the 1960s, has migrated back and forth. However, due to increased awareness of long- and short-term effects of stress and anxiety,  as well as the media's heightened coverage of health topics, the public has again acknowledged benefits of stress reduction and biofeedback techniques to manage symptoms.  Below is a pictorial example of the emWave monitoring heartbeat.

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